City of threads event manager, project evaluator and marketing and PR support.

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Application Deadline: February 15, 2020 8:00 am

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PECo are looking for an event manager, an evaluator and marketing and PR support for ‘City of Threads – 7 decades of VI oral history’.

Please contact for individual information on the three roles.

Project summary:

‘City of Threads – 7 decades of oral history’, will work with new VI oral history content generated through PECo theatre’s Arnolfini city fellowship and undertake a participatory process where VIP’s, working with podcast and sound professionals, help shape, edit and present the audio content into a series of twelve 30 minute binaural podcasts for public broadcast.

This includes:

  1. A group of core participants gaining editing, sound design, broadcast and recording skills through the process of regular sessions exploring the material and developing the podcasts.
  2. Wider VI community engaging through 2 community workshops during the podcast creation process, plus one to one or smaller groups sharing further oral history input at the core group sessions.
  3. An end of project celebration and podcast launch.

The project will trial and test new VI inclusive and accessible processes and approaches across all areas of the project’s activities, monitor and map the process and share the learning at project end in a written report with project partners and to the wide arts and culture sector.

The new VI oral history collected will be professionally transcribed and submitted to the Arnolfini and City Council’s archives to be lodged in perpetuity

More on the collaborative process

The whole project is being developed through a co-creative, collaborative approach whereby a core group of VIP’s as well as the wider VI community, are at the heart of developing ideas and feeding back on and shaping content as it evolves. 

The project is based on participation, so participants being supported by professionals who understand how to do this in a way that is inclusive is vital.  As part of the team responsible for delivering an aspect of this project you will be working as part of this process which will require working in new ways and developing your own practise in accordance with this approach.

More on inclusion and accessibility

The entirety of the project across all project areas will be trialing and developing approaches, process and outputs that are inclusive and accessible for VIP’s.

You will be expected to be committed to bringing this approach into your own working methods and ways of doing things, thus developing your own practice and sharing the process and learnings with the core team and feeding that into the end of project report.

We will work with an evaluator who will lead on designing how we report on and share our learning as the project progresses, and to ensure that noticing, logging and sharing learning is consciously embedded in our work.

More on PECo theatre.

Active since 2008 PECo theatre make work that connects people and place with the power of the imagination. We are a project by project funded community interest company undertaking large and small scale participatory projects with a strong social conscience.

We create imaginative, theatrically driven experiences whose form evolves depending on the people, themes, stories and performance sites we are working with.

We make socially engaged work that matters, in engaging with the important themes of our contemporary world and in creating the conditions for the people we work with to become engaged by them too.

Our work aims to transform, celebrate, re-imagine and investigate, start conversations, spark new connections and place audiences at the heart of all these experiences in immersive and meaningful ways.

More info on us can be found on our website:


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Rachel Aspinwall

Job Posting title: City of threads event manager, project evaluator and marketing and PR support.
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