Older & Younger Female Actors

Salary: GBP £458/week pro rata

Application Deadline: January 10, 2018 12:00 pm

Company: Kilter Theatre

Job Details

Site-specific theatre company, Kilter, are looking to cast 2 experienced female actors to play Jasmine & Lillian in a restaging of the 2017 Sold Out production, Invincible.


As part of a commission from University of Bristol, Kilter worked with writer, David Lane, to create a script which places the contemporary debate around ‘Synthetic Biology’ at the heart of the action. Over 2 years SynBio researchers & research ethicists helped shape the script so that performances reflect an accurate portrayal of a rapidly developing science & provoke an active dialogue between the public and the labs.

The Production

The production is highly immersive & promenade, taking place in a residential flat in central Bristol. The action is set in 2048 & involves three scenes between three generations of women with a personal stake in the science.

Invincible is an unusual and exciting project in which to be involved as the science and the conversation around SynBio continue to evolve. For the 2018 production, perfomers will have an active role in a daily Q&A with the audience & scientists ‘embedded’ onstage.

Performances dates: Saturday March 10th – Sunday March 25th. >12 performances/week.

There is a strong possibility of future touring.

Rehearsals, in Bath &/or Bristol, will be 10am-6pm, 5th February – 7th March. Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays only. Tech & Dress will take place on 9th March.

Fees are £458 per week pro rata for rehearsal and performance days. A maximum total of 14 rehearsal days & 12 performance days.

Character Breakdown

Lillian –  Grandmother- (playing age 60-70).

A high profile scientist, working in the field of Synthetic Biology. Extremely passionate about her field of work. Has suffered depression quite profoundly in the past. Is estranged from her daughter Katherine but has a very close relationship with her grand-daughter, Jasmine. They have a strange secret to share that will change everything. Lillian can be stubborn and resolute.

Katherine – Mother (playing age 40-50) FOR INTEREST ONLY. THIS ROLE IS CAST.

A science journalist. A single mother. Aware of her daughters close friendship with Lillian, but unaware of the secrets they have. Has suffered from depression in the past but now manages it well. Her relationship with her daughter is not always as close as she wishes. She takes her work very seriously. Katherine can be searching and questioning.

Jasmine- Daughter (playing age 15-17)

An ordinary schoolgirl on the surface but with a complicated problem to unpick. She can be light-hearted & positive; headstrong & stubborn. She is resilient but has humility, self awareness and teenage vulnerability thrown into the mix! The play is Jasmine’s story: the past secret she shares, how she deals with the consequences of the truth and what her future might hold.

Applicants for the part of Jasmine must be 18+. All applicants must be registered self-employed.

Casting sessions will be held in Bath and/or Bristol on 17th & 18th January.

Please send an up-to-date head-shot & CV or Spotlight link with a covering letter, explaining your suitability for this project to kilterolly [at] gmail.com.

Deadline for submissions: Wednesday 10th January, 4pm.

For more information on Kilter, please see www.kiltertheatre.org


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