Puppeteer for BOB Research and Development

Salary: GBP ITC Rates

Application Deadline: October 23, 2019 5:00 pm

Company: Tessa Bide Productions

Job Details

About the Show

BOB is currently in development and will premiere at Bristol Old Vic’s Ferment Fortnight in January/ February 2020. Using interactive live projections, light manipulation, movement and sound, BOB will be a 50 minute piece performed by two Japanese movement artists and a puppeteer, exploring bereavement and loss in a playful, accessible and truthful way for young people.

Director: Amy Draper

Projection and Technology Designer: Nina Dunn

Dramaturg: Stewart Melton

Produced by: Tessa Bide Productions


Two friends play alone in an undescribed, unnamed place. They have their own private games and play together in silence or using limited language.

One day, Bob – a blob of light – comes bursting into their world, and their world becomes brighter with him inside of it. With him they play games, make adventures and explore.

They are happy.

But one day Bob’s light fades away, and then they are left to come to terms with his unexpected disappearance from their lives, helping each other to understand the process of letting Bob go, and moving forward.



  • Any age/gender/ethnicity
  • Puppeteer with devising experience excited by the idea of puppeteering a character called Bob, made entirely of light. This will be done using a Mimu glove (https://mimugloves.com/) and a series of faders.
  • Experienced with voice work – warm, engaging, likeable voice with a wide pitch range. Not a child’s voice, nor a mature adult voice. Able to communicate a variety of emotions using only one repeated word.
  • An interest in/experience with technology desirable as the role involves working with some advanced kit and being able to troubleshoot under pressure should it malfunction
  • NB This character is central to the piece but will be performed from off stage, out of sight of the audience.



Dates: R&D Week 16th – 20th December 2019 – Bristol

Dates: Rehearsal and Performance 31st January and 2nd February 2020 – Bristol Old Vic Ferment Fortnight

Fee: £740


Audition Details

28th October 2019, Bristol

Please send a short cover letter along with your CV or Spotlight link to admin@tessabide.com. Please include any footage you have of puppeteering and voice work.

Deadline: 5pm, 23rd October 2019



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Tessa Bide

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