Scenic Painter/ Sign Painter

Salary: GBP £350

Application Deadline: July 2, 2019 8:00 am

Company: Tessa Bide Productions

Job Details

Tessa Bide Productions are looking for a scenic painter and sign painter for our Trailer Park installation at Latitude this year. This will be the beginning of the design for new show, The Anarchist’s Mobile Library, more information here:
We need a sign painted to introduce the caravan and some scenic painting on the inside of the caravan. Our idea is that the sign will be done before the festival (we will be heading to site with the caravan on Monday 15th July) and then the inside painting can take place on site from Tuesday 16th – Thursday 18th July. This would obviously all be in collaboration with Luned but we really love your mural style and would like to find a way to have some of that injected into it.
We can offer a fee of £350 plus a free Latitude ticket! There may also be a further day of work (paid) before the show is made to finalise the scenic painting depending on how the design develops. This would likely be in August.



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Tessa Bide


Job Posting title: Scenic Painter/ Sign Painter
Closing Date: 2019-07-02T08:00:00+01:00