Discover how the Baron invented Morris dancing, how his actions saved the Isle of Skye from sinking beneath the waves, why every fourth child in Bruges is named after him and other fantastically delightful stories. 

Lewis Doherty presents BOAR, a one-man fantasy adventure tale. Prepare for arrows to roll and heads to fly in this action-packed comedy of swords, sorcery and swill!

Anyone Ilisa has ever known lives in the same house, works with the same people and all in the same village. Nobody ever leaves or arrive, everyone has the same story. Unsettled and knowing there is something missing in her…

Drama and English Teacher We have an exciting opportunity to join us as a teacher in our Kindergarten in Nansha in Guangshou region There are a number of  positions available that would suit either individuals or couples.

Keywords: adventure, play, teaching

Fast-paced theatre company ‘The Last Baguette’ bring their sci-fi adventure show to the At-Bristol Studio. Exploring the strange world of quantum physics and featuring physical comedy, scientific slapstick and Schrodinge…