Timely new black comedy from Startled Cat! Theatre set on a fictional hard border, exploring the absurd logic of xenophobic paranoia with a wicked sense of humour to boot…

Timely new tragi-comic drama from Startled Cat! Theatre set along a fictional hard border that explores the absurd logic of xenophobic paranoia with a wicked sense of humour to boot…

Actor, Director and Theatre Maker

Join comedians Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn as they celebrate the scummier side of parenting, from drinking wine at teatime to hiding from the PTA.

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Douglas Walker unwraps the shocking true origins of Santa Claus in a one-man epic taking in 100 years of history and almost as many characters.

The Comedy Store Players have been performing together for 33 years. They will create a show based on your suggestions and this will be the only time that this show is ever performed as you are the script writers.

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Captivating singer Kate Dimbleby joins Bristol’s favourite comedy theatre troupe Living Spit to reimagine Homer’s classic work.

No Idea is a mischievous look at where we were then, and where we are now. Part-verbatim theatre, part-confessional, part-comedy sketch show, with a touch of singing and dancing – these are the adventures of two friends in search of a…

Joined by friends with benefits, Samir Kennedy and Ted Rodgers, Lucy is back with her trademark concoction of dance, song, absurdist art and minor breakdowns.

Rejoining Jane is a a charming dance theatre performance based on a book group and set within a real life cafe with the “quirky, glass half-full Parisian vibes of Amelie”, brought to Bristol by touring dance co Tick Tock Bridget.

Becky Brunning Live! Comedy Chest is a Monthly Stand-Up Comedy Night at Horts, Bristol.

50 years to the day since man first walked on the moon, Roustabout present a glorious celebration of our relationship with our closest cosmic companion – for audiences aged 7+

A new musical about a girl who finds a giraffe in her garden… and what the her neighbours decide do about it.

A psychedelic Dickensian musical comedy from the brothels and music halls of 1890’s London to a traveling circus in Russia (with a little feminist trapeze thrown in for good measure)

A new musical for people aged 6-60, covering themes of fear, inclusion, self belief and most importantly, shepherd’s pie…

5-10 minute unusual acts wanted for absurdist cabaret night Utter Rot & Poppycock on 18th July at the Bristol Improv Theatre.

Comedian, actor and host of Adult Swim’s top-rated and most anarchic programme The Eric Andre Show travels to Europe to tear sh*t the f**k up.

Writer, musician, ukulele, film maker, musical writer, too busy to complete a profiler.

I’m Simon Kent, a local writer, performer, producer (sort of) and I’m trying to get together a sort of ‘gang’ of actors/actresses who can take part in a ukulele show we’re putting together based on the Eurovision song contest (a…

Rajneeral Babutta Group manages the combination of refinement that is contemporary and contemporary sensuality with unique fabrics and exceptionally perfected handcrafted detail artistry. Our work is especially sophisticated: modern but never cold, fantastical but always rational. We use cloths, texturing…