contemporary theatre

3 people from different backgrounds that have never met before are trapped in a room together and influenced by a mysterious source. Immersive and heavily interactive, the audience randomly choose the next scene to play out. the play itself has…

An intensive week-long course which gives you the chance to immerse yourself in the craft of modern acting.

This 3 day free workshop uses singing techniques as a method of musicalising the body, combining functional voice training, physical theatre, butoh dance and archetypal psychology.

For this first stage of R&D, we are seeking an ensemble of 4 actors, with a playing age of 25 or over. Performers will work with Wrong Shoes Theatre Company and students from a partner school, to develop early performance…

A renegade retelling of Edgar Allan Poe’s twisted tale. Balanced between the hilarious and the horrific, this show revels in the darkness hiding under the surface. It’s gravely good fun.

Daughters of Albion are a performance collective based in Bristol, UK. Formed in 2013, the company is a collaboration between Dino Rovaretti, Joseph Vaughan and Tom Vinyl.