creative producer

Arts and Culture, University of Exeter, is seeking a freelance creative producer to successfully project manage one Arts Commission and three Creative Fellowships over the academic year 2019-20.

Jo is a Freelance Creative Producer based in the South West. Jo is Founder and Artistic Director of Up The Ante and Associate Producer for Bath Spa Productions. Jo has also helped to develop new Bath-based theatre company Aurora UK….

Join Emma Bettridge, a South West based producer, on a journey that interrogates what exactly a producer does. Or indeed what even is a producer anyway?

I am the Artistic Director for Devizes Outdoor Celebratory Arts, a maker of strange things, a commissioner of new work; public art and installations. My Artistic Director role is part-time, as an organisation and an individual, I am keen to…

PECo Theatre are looking for a Creative Producer for Dark City, their new multi sensory, interactive theatre piece based in the world of people living with visual impairment, that is currently in its research and development phase.

Creative Producer call out for now devised shows in development – Zugunruhe / Ghost Sonata

This workshop is an opportunity to learn about creative producing and how to develop your skills as a Creative Producer from one of the dance industry’s leading Creative Producers and dramaturgs, Peggy Olislaegers. 

Bristol-based creative producer & marker. Deviser and director of fun interactive experiences.