This is our designated ‘messy space’. This rooms is ideal for art workshops and classes or even artists that are looking for a space by the hour to create artworks that require a larger space that can be cleaned easily.

A lovely calm meeting room for up to 20 people, seated.

Excellent space for meetings, talks and smaller workshops of up to 20 people

Come join us at The Wardrobe Theatre for a cheeky WORK IN PROGRESS of our debut show, Wild Swimming, on Sunday 21st July at 4pm. We can promise: SNACKS, ENFORCED FUN, PROGRESS.

As largest event space in Hamilton House, this our most versatile room. This can be used for theatre productions, rehearsal space, dance workshops, yoga, talks and lectures and even larger meetings. With a capacity of up to 100 people seated…

Curious about academic research in Theatre and Performance and how researchers collaborate with artists and practitioners? Join us for some short talks sharing ideas, research and exciting projects.

The workshop is open to performers from different backgrounds, creative genres and techniques inspired by physical theatre as a bold, vibrant and multidimensional approach to contemporary theatre performance. The program is designed for experienced actors, dancers, physical performers, contemporary circus…

A psychedelic Dickensian musical comedy from the brothels and music halls of 1890’s London to a traveling circus in Russia (with a little feminist trapeze thrown in for good measure)

Mid Life pauses three fierce women at a moment in time – the Menopause. Mid Life unpacks real-life stories of loss, joy and transformation. Hold tight. There’s a change coming.

A new musical for people aged 6-60, covering themes of fear, inclusion, self belief and most importantly, shepherd’s pie…

The Clifton Amateur Dramatic Society (CADS) is looking for a cast for our November production of Cinderella. Auditions are Monday 15th July and Wednesday 17th July.  For more info and to sign up please visit our website: www.bristolcads.org.uk

Exciting opportunity for a creative and energetic Drama Facilitator to be part of a growing independent drama school based in North Bristol.

Rajneeral Babutta Group manages the combination of refinement that is contemporary and contemporary sensuality with unique fabrics and exceptionally perfected handcrafted detail artistry. Our work is especially sophisticated: modern but never cold, fantastical but always rational. We use cloths, texturing…

History is written by the victors. But what about the people whose blood those victories were won with?

116-123 follows the story of a teenage girl called Gabriella and her struggle of coping with anxiety.

A brand-new parlor-style magic show by international magician Sieko

Real Positive Poles present a delve into the unknown and hilarious with After Dusk and laughter at the end of the world with Last Day on Earth

“You think you see me, don’t you; but you don’t, not really”. “Hilarious and revelatory in turn, with razor sharp writing and electrifying acting. Highly recommended.” – Michael Beakhouse.”

“Fragments” witnesses behaviour at the end of civilization. The show is an experiment in bringing cinematic levels of truth to theatrical encounters with small audiences. Created by an award-winning filmmaker.