Fairytales for grown-ups

A wild haven of fairytales for grown-ups and myths for kids comes to College Green, Bristol. 29th Aug to 1 Sep.

Shot through with powerful, comedic & mysterious images, this is a Fairytale for Grown-ups!

I’m the Programme Manager at the Crick Crack Club: Promoter and programmer of performance storytelling events across the UK – creating shows, events & festivals focused on international fairytale, folktale, myth & epic.

A double-bill of fairytales for grown-ups. Expect sheer magic, gleeful deceit, and anarchic tomfoolery.

The Crick Crack Club brings its wild haven of myth, epic and fairytales for grown-ups to the Cube. Allow Clare Murphy to guide you through a liminal landscape of proper nasty fairies, where the light is a little too bright…