Join Closer Each Day Company for an improvised bounty of laughs on board Brunel’s SS Great Britain on their first night of MAY MAYHEM!

Following the success of last year’s sell-out SS Great Britain Special, the characters of this cult comedy head back to the ship and back in time for a one-off, stand-alone story that is just as funny as ever!

Learn how to improvise using style, character and language techniques to create the scenes Shakespeare never wrote from this experienced company

Hubbub Theatre Company is looking to recruit two physical performers with excellent tumbling, acrobatic or parkour skills for a new street theatre performance they have been commissioned to create for Derby Festé this September 2018. The 2 physical performers should…

Holly Stoppit’s Introduction To Clowning Weekend; explore what it feels like to put judgement to one side and develop the confidence to follow your impulses, turn up your curiosity, play more and connect deeply and authentically with yourself and others.

BE MORE THAN FUNNY. BE LOVED. So you’re funny… but are they on the edge of their seats, breathless to see what you’ll do next? They could be. You just need to get naked. This workshop is ideal for improvisers,…

Holly Stoppit is a Bristol based director, performance research facilitator, dramatherapist and theatre skills teacher, specialising in clowning and improvisation.

Joshua is a professional stage / screen actor with experience in improvisation. Having worked with a number of Bristol-based theatre companies over the past few years, including 3 UK tours and 3 years at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, he is…

I am a performance practitioner, teacher and movement director based in Bristol.

I’m a performance artist and teacher in Bristol. I run Alexander Technique (ITM) group classes and dance/movement classes called Dance YOUR Body. Both are mind/body approaches to optimise your movement potential and overall experience in this world.

I am a cellist & musician who plays experimental and improvised music, writes music for and makes theatre, and teaches. I have been actively involved in working in theatre companies and as a performing musician since 1996.

Artistic Director of The Plasticine Men

I enjoy working on theatre and film projects, particularly in interdisciplinary groups. I also have voice-over experience. I am an actor and storyteller.

“Passionate, Achingly Honest, Ranting, Touching, Sensitive, Real, Mr Ordinary Man, Exposed, Conscientious, Parodist and Parent” Here’s to the Crazy Ones, The Misfits, The Rebels. Fools Rush In. Let’s Dance.

Part of the Nomadic Academy for Fools, making both solo and ensemble shows. Currently working to create new improvised shows untwisting Herstory.

Shaelee Rooke is an Australian actress and theatre maker, based in Bristol. She is a company member of Closer Each Day and performs fortnightly at The Wardrobe Theatre. She is currently developing her first solo show with support from Bristol…

Hi my name’s Bob. I’m from Bristol and consider myself an actor and a chef. I am currently involved in a show called Closer Each Day. It is a live, spontaneous, improvised soap opera which has running for 4 years…

An emerging dance artist based in the South West. Collaborations are always welcome.

Keywords: dance, improvisation

Lisa is a contemporary dance artist based in Bristol specialising in improvisation techniques for space and on screen. As a director and writer her award-winning work has been presented at national and international film festivals and events, broadcast for digital…