Improvisation, play and deep nature connection – think of a beautiful combo of outdoor fooling, forest school-style play for adults, forest bathing and inner rewilding. Woodland site with campfire.

With frolics and foraging, flitting, flying and two unusual feathery friends, this is a madcap and touching show about birds facing changes to their habitat. With live music, puppetry and lots of physical comedy.

A trio of short comedy plays mirroring relationships in the natural world, and highlighting the issues facing them.

I am a Dancer, Movement artist and improviser and love making work that is engaging and real exploring every day human themes. I also love moving outdoors and creating site-specific work and collaborating with all sorts of different artists.

The Earth is our invaluable resource. It was plentiful and has given so much to help us grow into the human race we are today. As the climate continues to change faster than scientists expected, what will the future hold?…