Puppet Place are seeking volunteers to help us with our public events. We need people to help us with Creative Cafe nights and workshops; this includes assisting with setting up our spaces, refreshments and event stewarding.

Join PJ and friends as he endures the most perilous night of his life, after his spaceship crash lands on a mysterious planet.

Monkey Trousers Theatre is a Bristol-based theatre company performing original plays and storytelling adventures for children and their families using live action storytelling, comedy, slapstick and puppetry. Join them on an adventure in the exciting world of Mr Gotalot’s Gotalot…

Maria Coelho is a qualified teacher, storyteller and drama specialist.

Children’s entertainer, puppeteer,model maker and pirate. I do children’s parties and community events with puppet shows, pirate pantomimes and story telling. I have a wide range of material for all ages including adult stories, cabaret and entertainment. I can do…

Artist and designer/maker with a penchant for the carnivalesque – particularly interested in developing the visual style for theatre/film as well as puppet making, props, illustration, etc.

Jagprops is a Bristol based company specialising in building sets, props and costume for FILM, TV, THEATRE & EVENTS working locally, nationally and internationally. Contact Jill Paskins 07957331462 We also offer Production Managing and Technical Services for THEATRE and EVENTS….

Liz Hart is a maker and performer who makes visual and physical theatre and performance.

The Propworkshop pride themselves in being able to create almost anything for almost any budget. If you need bespoke props making for your productions just send us an email and we’ll be in touch.

Interactive storytelling adventures for 2 to 5 year olds! Mr Gotalot has a magical shop. It sells anything and everything that you could ever, ever think of! And, guess what? Mr Gotalot needs some help! Will you look a…

Keywords: Children, puppets, zion

As part of the 14th annual Slapstick festival of silent and classic comedy, Professor Patel, the UK’s only Punch and Judy puppeteer of Asian descent, retells the timeless story in the style of a Bollywood movie….