“A black femme goddess punk, nude and in charge” (TheChart) – How do we resist temptation, how do we slow down, how do we play, how do we survive?

I am looking for performers and collaborators who might be interested in joining my new collective or participate in a series of R&D sessions! We are devising performance pieces which will be showcased in a live art context exploring queer culture…

Keywords: movement, queer, sound

Puppets! Puppets! Puppets!

In 2018, Rachel Rose Reid wowed us with the first part of an epic that’s not been told in England for 700 years. Join us for more of this incredible lost story – whether or not you’ve heard part 1….

A new cabaret show using the magic of The Major Arcana tarot cards.

SARDOVILLE’s one man romp, presented as part of IGNiTE.

Through song, dance, hard-won wisdom and hilarity You’ve Changed is a solo performance that shines a light on the ins and outs and ups and downs of transitioning. Challenging the idea that “genitals equal gender” Kate literally bares all; getting…

Diamond is an unforgiving queer performance of sexuality and British culture exploring LGBT history from 1957 to 2018 through the personal biography of avant garde performer David Hoyle.

Keywords: LGBT, david hoyle, drag, queer

Do you have arts fundraising experience and an interest in queer arts & culture? We’re looking for a dynamic producer to join us as we prepare to grow and develop Thorny and the people who make it happen.

An out-of this world exhibition by a group of queer artists

‘DOIEB SI TAU: language for a requiem’ created and performed by Massimiliano Balduzzi Wickham Theatre (Bristol University) 21st June 7:00-8.00 pm + Q&A with the performer In the form of a direct address, a l…