Timely new tragi-comic drama from Startled Cat! Theatre set along a fictional hard border that explores the absurd logic of xenophobic paranoia with a wicked sense of humour to boot!

Performers and writers with an inclination for the humorous.

Keywords: Comedy, satire

A right royal romp through British history, exploring politics, passion and parlour games; a cross-dressing comedy for all those with a taste for Victoria’s Sponge and who enjoy playing with their Prince Albert from Sharp Teeth Theatre and The Wardrobe…

A devilishly funny anti-Christmas comedy from The Wardrobe Theatre, the company that spawned Reservoir Mogs, Rocky Shock Horror and Goldilock, Stock & Three Smoking Bears

1736. Two dandy highwaymen plan the heist of the century. Can they steal the taxidermy lobster, and save Britain from the clutches of a corrupt political establishment?