science fiction

Project2 make improvised science fiction, and the endless sub-genres that make up the multiverse-spanning superstructure of the science fiction genre.

Real Positive Poles present a delve into the unknown and hilarious with After Dusk and laughter at the end of the world with Last Day on Earth

After Dusk: An Improvised Twilight Zone and Scenes to an End: Your favourite movie you’ve never seen team up at the new Lightship Theatre

We are a collective of queer artists creating work inspired by science fiction themes. We are looking for submissions for a zine exploring queer identities and creativity.

A multilingual physical theatre show combining mime, live sound effects, comedy and object manipulation to explore greed, politics and the future of the human race. Join Cut Mustard for a low-fi extravaganza through outer space!

An out-of this world exhibition by a group of queer artists