solo show

One-night stands are awkward. One-night stands with animals are more awkward.

George Crocker is keen to liven up his dull life so he decides to join the village Drama Club. What happens then turns his world upside down.

Actor, at home performing both drama and comedy. Director. Writer and performer of sketches and comedy blog I am the Principal of the Pauline Quirke Academy in Bristol

Award winning writer and comedian Jackie Hagan’s solo show, presented as part of IGNiTE.

Obama & Me explores of Brexit, Trump, US/ EU race relations, and global migration in a powerful narrative that explores identity, politics, power, and belonging in the post-post-racial 21st century.

A hopeful comedy about a woman in recovery from trauma finding empowerment by connecting with various inspiring Joans, such as Joan Collins, Joan Jett and Joan of Arc, all of whom embody elusive qualities of resilience a…