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‘You are sat in the centre of the universe. You fall in love. Over and over again.’ Tonight we invite you to sit next to the most beautiful girl in class and let her Charley Red perfume fill you with…

What is physical theatre? How do we create physical narratives on stage? What is like to be part of a company that dedicates itself to a sustained embodied training?In this workshop, participants have the opportunity to dive into the world of…

dressed. is about the power of clothes to define us, to liberate us, to hide us and to embellish us. It is about making something beautiful out of something dark and traumatic. It is a celebration of female performance and friendship.

A bursary for those who wish to learn more about storytelling performance.

Moving Stories explores storytelling from the perspective of the performer – the process of using body and voice to create.

Theatre Practitioner, Director, Writer and Performer based in Bristol

Open story sharing.

Should we have kids, or not? George and Nir are a real-life same-sex couple trying to answer a question many of us face.

In 2018, Rachel Rose Reid wowed us with the first part of an epic that’s not been told in England for 700 years. Join us for more of this incredible lost story – whether or not you’ve heard part 1….

true-life story sharing (pay want you decide event)

Keep on Walking Federico is a funny and moving tale of a journey across borders – a journey through the midnight of the soul.

Rebecca Atkinson-Lord’s first solo show challenges the status quo around being who you are versus who you have to be to succeed in society today.

(Mostly) True-life story sharing…

Trained in circus and physical theatre, worked as an actor, clown, stand-up, storyteller and comedy magic, in theatres, cabarets, festivals, comedy clubs, schools, palaces and behind, over and underneath public houses. Loves impro and audience interaction making every show unique….

Baba Yaga is a fantastic physical theatre piece, accompanied by an original score. Our four actors and all bristol team transform the stage into a world of possibility.

A spirited show of improvised storytelling for all the family complete with a live improvised soundtrack and songs