How Are TV Documentaries Made? A talk by Stephanie Wessell, a professional broadcast TV producer How a professional documentary is put together. Not just the filming but also the the organising and scripting. Stephanie Wessell, a professional broadcast TV producer…

Visual Arts South West, in partnership with Arnolfini, invites artists, curators and arts organisations to come together for a day of learning.

In The Wunderkammer, TED-style talks by leading experts, academics, and all-round big brains inspire long-form improvised comedy scenes, sketches and characters from DNAYS.

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Join the discussion around women’s development, where the “Good Girl” came from, how she shows up today, and most importantly, how we are going to move beyond her.

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The Saturday Full Bloom Festival free panel discussion.

A FREE workshop exploring the Archive of theatre designer Oliver Messel and exploring creative responses to material, perfect for creative practitioners, artists and researchers, exhibition tour and refreshments included, taking place at University of Bristol Theatre Collection.

Join us for an opportunity to find out more and ask questions about applying for funding from Arts Council England.

Lively discussions, lectures, workshops and Q&A sessions with experts in the field and the director of the production, Adele Thomas.