Join us for an informal meet up of a bunch of people from around the UK who are involved in performance and tech in different ways. 

Bristol’s Pervasive Media Studio hosts a brilliant community of over 100 artists, creative companies, technologists and academics exploring experience design and creative technology. And we want you to join us.

It’s back! After selling out the Cube in June and being nominated for an Innovation in Storytelling Award at FoST in New York, the show that you create in conversation with an artificial intelligence is back. The content and tone…

A chance to explore, discover and discuss how digital media can be integrated into performance work through a series of interactive workshops.

I Am Echoborg, is a funny and thought-provoking performance created each night by the audience having a conversation with an artificial intelligence.

We’re on the lookout for actors for this year’s Boomtown Fair. Are you a hyper-realistic AI humanoid with pre-programmed customer service skills? We’d love to have your bytes on board at Bang Hai Technologies – Boomtown’s new tech shop located…

Raucous is an ever evolving collective of theatre makers, scientists and technologists who investigate how theatre stories can be made more immediate, urgent and immersive for an audience.

We are Creative Theatre Technologists. We collaborate with theatre makers across the UK to add exciting new technology to their work.

Leningrad. 1942. The siege has begun… “You are a cockroach, Tati. You will survive the hunger, the cold, fever and this war.” In the wreckage of an old apartment block, four orphans are compell…

We are proud to present the inaugural Limina VR Weekender, an opportunity to discover a range of world-class, artistic VR experiences at Watershed, curated by