This Volunteer training session will cover everything you need to know about box office, ushering, fire safety and general working in and around the BIT.

The Theatre Collection are looking for volunteers to act as stewards for an exciting project with live artist Tom Marshman. The work ‘I Went to a Marvellous Party’ is a collaboration with artist Tom Marshman inspired by the Archive of…

Puppet Place are seeking volunteers to help us with our public events. We need people to help us with Creative Cafe nights and workshops; this includes assisting with setting up our spaces, refreshments and event stewarding.

We are putting on an amateur community pantomime in Easton in late winter. Can anyone help with customising a script to make it funny and relevant to Easton?! Any writers welcome! Please get in touch.

We are recruiting a new volunteer at the Puppet Place office this summer. We’re looking for someone with good organisational skills and an interest in learning about how to run a busy arts organisation and building.