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“To play with fear is to play with fire. No, worse, much worse, than playing with fire. Fire has limits. But fear…” Critically acclaimed Red Rope Theatre are back with Tennessee Williams’ The Two Character Play described by him as,…

Actor Garry Essendine is at the height of his career. He’s successful, witty, surrounded by adoring fans and about to take his latest hit abroad. He’s also in the middle of a turbulent mid-life crisis.

Multi-award winning Laurel and Hardy impersonators bring a brand new collection of the boys’ best bits, and lesser known sketches.

Ratchet Theatre’s 1 BED, 2 PLAYS are two plays that go very well together; they’re both set in one bed. And they’re both about love. Well sex actually. But in very different ways. 

A frank and funny comedy about friendship & growing up