FREE open access workshop for drama practitioners on 28 November. Troubleshooting, facilitator training, skill-share, games-exchange & networking.

Free dance workshops in Weston with Clare Reynolds (Restoke) as part of TERRESTRIAL’s year-long programme of arts adventures.

Free singing workshops in Weston-super-Mare as part of TERRESTRIAL’s programme of arts adventures.

Developing your facilitation practice? Assisting Deborah, with 7 years experience in facilitation: To deliver a high quality, creatively inspiring workshop. In exchange you are offered two 30 minute mentoring sessions & the workshop itself.

ÒRAN WORK CENTRE   The Òran Work Centre is a training and research centre offering space for artists and practitioners to engage with an intensive and immersive investigation of self within the framework of community. Focusing on the performance arts…

Small Acts of Rebellion, Sharp Teeth and Nincompoop presents an Introduction to Bouffon workshop taught by Nicole Kerhberger. This course will explore new approaches the specialist technique of Bouffon. Nicole works using physical training, improvisation and games/play to develop your…

Explore improv in this informal drop-in. These drop-in workshops are suitable for beginners and up.

A unique opportunity for participants to cultivate creative power and freedom, on stage , in the rehearsal room and for private practice. Drawing from the laboratory theatre tradition, participants will develop skills in physical theatre and discover what it means…

Eight days of fighting with swords, daggers and unarmed combat for industry recognition!

Musical Theatre Auditions: Preparation Workshop 3rd November 1pm – 6pm

Cygnet is continuing to open up workshops for artists to join, focusing on physical / vocal release and performance techniques. Our next one offers an approach to developing the skills needed for public facing roles. It will be led by…

If you’re curious about improv and want to try dipping your toes into the world of making stuff up, our free monthly taster session is for you!

A practical day of exploring how to tell and not tell stories, through the role of actor and audience, using the word, mask, body, gesture, object and sound.

This masterclass on physical theatre looks at how every day, pedestrian behaviours can become a language for theatre and how our bodies often speak louder than words.

In this 1-day masterclass you will create your own mini site-specific production, exploring how atmosphere, sound and storytelling combine with location to reinvigorate stories and characters that you might have dismissed.

Two masterclasses on acting for camera with writer, director, cameraman Paul Dudbridge.

Learn how to write and perform stand up comedy with comedian Angie Belcher.

Workshop for actors, directors, teachers, students on slapstick and farce with Commedia dell’Arte master Cheryl Stapleton.

Workshop on approaches to devising theatre with a master in the craft!

This monthly workshop is for all women and non-binary people looking to discover and explore improvisation.