Mayfest Review 2010: Famous Last Words

Editors Note: This review is part of’s second open Mayfest Audience Reviews Project, and the opinions contained are soley those of the author and not those of Theatre Bristol as an organisation, nor should they be attributed as such. For more information about the reviews project contact

In the last moments of this short intense shot of a performance I was sworn not to reveal its secrets, which might make writing this review a little tricky ….

A battered 1970s caravan is the location of this gameshow style interactive performance. The seedy 70s throwback style is also adopted by Greg, in a vague role as a jovial gold-wearing funfair host.

Audience members emerge from the caravan enthusiastically shouting “That’s the best thing I’ve ever done!” which helps to rope in some passing trade, and convince those standing anxiously in the queue that they’ve made the right decision.

Once inside it quickly becomes apparent that the show will be what I make it. I move from scene to scene in the tight cosy confines of the caravan gaining insight as I go.

The show throws up a lot of surprises within its short fifteen minute length. As a player I’m constantly encouraged which buoys me up to meet the performance’s demands. 

Its fun, packs a lot into a small space, and makes impressive use of a small amount of resources. I come out a winner, but a winner of what exactly? I kept being told that this would change my life. Clearly there was no hope of that kind of impact in so short and hurried a time. How could being a gameshow contestant change my life? And I suppose that this is the very point that this show is making.