Mothers Who Make

This is an invitation to come along to the new Bristol-based branch of Mothers who Make, a growing national network aimed at supporting mothers who are artists, working in any discipline and at any stage of their careers.

It was started by Matilda Leyser (Associate Director Improbable, Mother, Writer) in London in 2014 and has rapidly spread across the country, with groups currently having met in over ten different regions.

Mother Who Make text with photograph of room full of mothers, babies and children


Mothers who Make is a peer support group and creative exchange session for mothers who are artists – professional and/or passionate – writers, painters, actors, dancers,filmmakers, photographers…every kind of maker welcome, and every kind of mother.

You are invited to join this inspiring and growing initiative. Please feel free to bring along your children, of any age, whether they are inside you, beside you or running around the room!

The dates of the 2020 meetings are:

14th Jan
12th Feb
19th Mar
21st Apr
13th May
18th Jun
21st Jul
23rd Sep
15th Oct
17th Nov
16th Dec

Meetings take place at Creative Workspace at various times. Please check the group’s Facebook page for the most up-to-date information.


Matilda Leyser on why the group was established… 

‘I am a performer and a writer. When I was pregnant I would tell people my plans for motherhood: “Oh, I’m simply going to pop my baby in a sling and carry on!”; My son is now three years old. In some ways I was right: I have carried him in a sling since he was born and I have carried on in that I am still writing, still sometimes performing, still making work. However none of this has been done simply and everything is wholly different to before. In this sense I have carried nothing on. Rather I have had to set down my life, my sense of who and how I am. Slowly, awkwardly, shakily I pick myself up, day by day.

I would not have it any other way but it is a huge challenge. Along the way I am noticing many parallels between the roles of mother and artist – both keep me up at night, play is fundamental to both – and at the same time the logistics of managing to inhabit both can be extremely difficult. How to carry our creative selves and our children, our work of mothering and of making, is the focus of this group. If you are a mother and a maker, and if you wonder how to do both these things with fullness, I would love you to come.’


If you have any questions about upcoming Bristol sessions, get in touch with Gill Simmons on bristolmwm[at]gmail[dot]com