New live soon! Important information about your content

We’re aiming for our new site to go live 14th December.

It will have all the same functions for you to create and upload content, share information, find collaborators and learn about how Theatre Bristol can support you. But we hope it will be much more accessible, streamlined and easier to use, even if it’s less familiar to begin with. 

Over the two days beforehand (12th/13th December) please do not upload any events, jobs or other listings as the current site content is being transferred on those dates. Anything uploaded from 12th December onwards won’t be transferred.

It’s a massive job as we’re trying to preserve all your user profiles, recent events and jobs listings and all the other great stuff you generate that makes this website useful. Please bear with us during the transition stage – if there are any teething problems we will help you sort them in the new year.

If you already have a user account eg for creating event listings, heads up that you’ll be asked to change your password when you log in again for the first time. This helps make the new site, and your user data, more secure.

The new site will be quite ‘bare bones’ – we have a long wish list of things we’d like to develop in future. We’re aiming for another stage of development later in 2018 and welcome any feedback that you have about the new site that can feed into this. 

Read our recent newsletter which explains more about the process.

Please email any comments and questions to