live performances – Remembering and Forgetting

Contact: Melanie Thompson | E-mail: [email protected]

Looking for venues for Remembering and Forgetting in Bristol and the South West

Remembering and Forgetting
at glemme ……. at huske

performed by Melanie Thompson (U.K) and Bjarne Sandborg (D.K)

“With death by drowning and fire as their point of departure, Melanie Thompson and Bjarne Sandborg draw their audience into journeys which fascinatingly express essential human emotions.”​ ​ ​Kirsten Dahl [email protected]​ 24. August 2017

These 2 solo performances were created in parallel. One in Denmark, the other in the U.K. The shared links and overlaps ( Melanie collaborated and directed Bjarne’s performance) to create an evening of intense visual, sonic and emotional worlds that intercut and collide, through film, water and tiny furniture.

The shows

2 solo shows – 25 mins each – 10 min break between to change over and film of 2 solo performances meeting. – 7 mins

(A& Q offered at end – Whole evening 130 mins).

Lecture / demo on process offered – 30 mins – day time

Performance Writing workshop – 2 hours – day time

Performance Space needed

Black out essential / end on / 7,50 meter wide and 5,50 meters deep (we could do with 1 more meter in the depth).This is the performance space.

Technical needs

Projector / large projector screen / sound system.
lights – 7 Fresnel 650 Watt spots + 2 small stands . lighting board.

Other needs

A black or white wall or floor we can chalk on ( and of course clean off after ) Use of a tap near by.


intimate feel – up to 100 per night.

Set up time

6 hours – very simple set up but we need to make the shows site -specific.


we  might need a technician to run both 30 mins shows – they are both computer programmed – just need to teach cues. Very simple.


We can send images and text for marketing. We have posters and programmes. Plus –

1. trailer – 1 min
2. . five images
3. Review.



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