I am looking to see if I can find a home for ‘spiritual’ work I have been doing the last twenty years. Alongside my meditation practice has been regular group transformational work. It has been described by participants as the ‘most valuable two hours they have ever spent’ and ‘the most uncomfortable they have ever felt in their lives’. Between those two extreme poles lies a unique possibility.

Which three qualities would a performance need to so engage an audience that the boundaries between observation and participation became fluid? Firstly, the action would need to be authentic, real or true (and so by definition unpredictable). Secondly, the spectators would need to be able to identify with the protagonists. Thirdly, the unfolding drama would need to offer the (uncertain) possibility of resolution. A spectacle such as this would be so compelling to an audience that their rapt attention and invested energy would enhance and influence the play; the entire theatre would become the piece.

For the almost twenty years I have been facilitating groups with no agenda other than to look at ourselves, how we behave, how we perceive others and are perceived by others. This simple process, in concordance with the ‘dialogue group’ work of David Bohm and Jiddu Krisnamurti, yields unfathomed results that enrich, empower and enlighten participants while creating deep bonds. Sitting in a circle for two and half hours, sharing what is important to us and giving attention to the present moment, has a magnetic power and an engaging sense of realness that can be intuited beyond the confines of the group. These circles are intense, excoriating in their honesty, uniquely energetic and profoundly moving.

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