Sneaky&Raptor: Work in Progress Sharing

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Join us at The Invisible Circus to see the results of our residency! We will present a work-in-progress performance of ‘A Different Beast’

About this Event

‘A Different Beast’ by Sneaky&Raptor is one of this year’s Glastonbury Arts Commissions, co-commissioned by Circus City, and previewing under the Glastonbury Circus Big Top in the Theatre and Circus Fields.

This 45-minute performance is an acrobatic exploration of the human psyche, using Contemporary dance, Chinese pole, Acrobatics, and Live music.

Four eccentric but extraordinary characters strive simply to exist, in a bleak, decaying world; their motivations hidden and their relationships tenuous. In this desolation they come together to sort through the rubble, putting their core beliefs and egos on the line. Incredible physicality and twisted technique ensue.

The sharing is a chance to share our work with people in Bristol, as well as receive feedback from our friends and colleagues! There will be time after the performance to chat – we’d love it if you could stick around after the show!

PLEASE book a ticket if you are coming on Friday 21st, knowing numbers will help us make sure you’re all comfortable whilst watching the show! –

The sharing is FREE but any donations to the project are more than welcome and would be highly apprecaited! For every donation we’ll give a Sneaky&Raptor sticker 🙂 Donations and sticker requests can be made when you book your ticket.

Thank you and see you on Friday!

Gabbie & Nat, AKA Sneaky&Raptor. x

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