– A New Set And Props Database Created By You

Contact: Peter Harrison | E-mail: [email protected] is aiming to become the first UK wide community database of all of the props cupboards, costume stores and set warehouses in the country – not just re-listing the usual hire houses stock, but listing every prop in every dusty cupboard in every theatre we can find.

Based on the idea of sharing resources, we want every Theatre Company and Venue, from the smallest pub theatre to the biggest flagship companies, and every Commercial Hire Company and Set Builder, to join our project and list their stores with us. 

You have the opportunity to hire out your items for a fee and earn your company some extra money, or you may just wish to offer to loan or share your items with the wider community for free. The site and listings are free to use.

The site also includes a directory where Set Builders, Prop Makers and Costume Makers can list their services.

We want to build a massive resource for theatre production to help stop the throw away culture we have  – why build again when you can borrow?  The site is part of the project, promoting the sharing of resources and sustainability in our industry.

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