On My Way by Stefano Di Renzo

Ahead of his show “On My Way,” TB had a brief chat with it’s performer/creator Stefano Di Renzo.

TB: Stefano! The blurb for your show states it’s based on your personal experience. Which bit of it?

SDR: I left Italy 11 years ago and moved abroad to study circus. At the time there wasn’t any circus school in Italy. I wanted to do a show focusing on people like me that left their mother country in search of a new opportunity and attempting to put roots down elsewhere, creating a home away from home. In the show I play a version of myself, I suppose. A young man away from his home country and dealing with a new place. All he has left are memories, far away from all things familiar inevitably he falls into a state of loneliness.

TB: Right – that’s quite a meaty basis for a show. And you’re going to convey this entirely through juggling and physical theatre?

SDR: I have always been interested in combining circus and physical theatre, examining potential meaning and story through equilibristic, object manipulation and corporal movement. I work to reflect the rhythm of the emotions and to explore the comic and the poetry in everyday life in a theatrical context. I try to challenge myself artistically taking slack-rope and object manipulation out of their circus context and re-inventing it for theatrical use.