How you can use & our online mailgroups

WEBSITE is an online resource for theatre makers and audiences, initially in Bristol but increasingly nationally. It was built as a way to audit all activity of live performance in Bristol in a non-hierarchical way which would also create community.

The content for is user generated. To add a listing users simply have to register with a user name and password, anyone can register as a user for free. Once registered users can add opportunities, jobs, notices, classes and events (happening in Bristol), the only criteria is that content is relevant to live performance.  The nature of the user-generated content means that the site is not simply a reflection of the intelligence held by a small pool of staff, but makes visible a broad range of activity from non-professional companies to commercial work.

As well as adding content, if users are Bristol based they can create a profile for themselves, like this one for Theatre Bristol.

The website is administrated and edited by Theatre Bristol staff team as part of our wider activity. We see the site as a key part of what we do allowing the rich community of theatre makers in Bristol to connect with each other and their audience, and to publicise their work and practice. It offers audiences a rich and comprehensive ‘what’s on ‘ resource. It creates a network culture and that is what we’re about.

“… the website creates a meeting place for theatre practitioners all over Bristol. The website becomes the place where discussions can start, collaborations can be found and projects can get off the ground. So many questions about how to get started in theatre as a whole, or on a specific project can be answered with ‘build a network’ and the website acts as a quick access into the world of theatre in Bristol. I certainly would have had more difficulty entering into this community without it.”  Frasia Dunn (Sedated By A Brick)

One area of the site that Theatre Bristol staff do have editorial control over is Conversation.  If you have an idea for an article or interview you should contact a member of Theatre Bristol staff who will be able to send you some guidelines. Articles are designed to be more insightful than a press release and most importantly a good read.

You can also sign up to our mailgroup if you want to share information by email with others who may be interested.

If you have any trouble registering or logging on, or need any further help using our website, get in touch with us at [email protected].



What is a Mail Group?

A mail group allows a group of people who want to share information about a given subject to do so via email.

After joining a group you can send an email to all members of that group by sending an email to the group’s email address. You’ll also receive emails that other group members have sent.

How do I join the group?

  1. Simply click on the link above that says ‘Click here to sign up to our new mail group: Performance in Bristol’.
  2. You’ll then be sent an email confirming that your address was correct and you’ll need to follow the instructions in that email
  3. And then you can start sending emails to the group and receiving emails from other group member

Can I send attachments?

Yes but please don’t send anything too large or people will get fed up with you.

What is the address for the mailgroup?

Once you’ve joined the mailgroup you can send a message to the group using the relevant address below:


Don’t forget that when you reply to an email sent to the group the reply will go to all members of that group.

If someone is sending loads of emails to the group that you don’t think are useful and you’re getting fed up with it it’s likely that you’re not the only one in the group thinking this, so before unsubscribing try talking to the group or the individual about it.


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