Open Space

Open Space

Open Space has been used all over the world to deal with hugely complex, difficult and sensitive things with positive results. It is an interactive and inclusive way of structuring a meeting that allows  the participant, to set the agenda.

You can read more about Open Space here

To You to Me

Theatre Bristol thought it would be a really good idea if we created a regular space where people interested in theatre in Bristol can come together to discuss what they’re up to, we can say what we’re up to, and we can all discuss what we’re not up to but think we ought to be.  We call these meetings To You to Me, and we hold them twice a year at various venues around the city. The meetings are free to anyone who wants to come and are a great way of meeting new people and catching up with friends & colleagues in a welcoming and friendly environment.

We use a mini version of Open Space Technology to run the evening; everyone who wants to can propose a topic to discuss, we run two discussion sessions and finish up with a short closing session and a light supper and more talking.

All the notes from To You To Me are held on a website and anyone can read them.

Below are the links to the notes from previous meetings:

TYTM10 – November 2018 – The Brunswick Club

TYTM9 – November 2017 – The Brunswick Club 

TYTM: Is there life in the arts after 35? – Trinity Centre

TYTM8 – March 2014 – Trinity Centre 

TYTM7 – March 2013 – Hamilton House  

TYTM6 – September 2012: Hamilton House

TYTM5 – January 2012: MShed

TYTM – New Writing – June 2011: Arnolfini

TYTM – Bristol Producers – June 2011: Arnolfini

TYTM4 – November 2010: Circomedia

TYTM3 – April 2010: Circomedia

TYTM2 – November 2009: Bristol Old Vic

TYTM1 – July 2009: Over a hundred people came together at Bristol Old Vic for the first To You to Me


Other Open Space Events

Can art and culture be (more) meaningful to more people if we re-think the boundaries placed around it – sectoral, geographical, hierarchical or political?
12th March 2016 WISE Campus

 You can read the invitation and the notes here

Beyond Diversity. Can there be a better conversation?
16th October 2009 Circomedia

You can read the invitation and the notes here

How do we make things better for dance in Bristol?
9th November 2009 Circomedia

You can read the invitation and the notes here

How can we make things better for dance in Bristol II
5th March 2011 Arnolfini

You can read the invitation and the notes here