Auditions- Darkplace Productions Presents: The Constant Drone

Audition for an unpaid opportunity, working with a first time production of new play The Constant Drone. Audition date 29th April, to be held at 12pm at the Old Market Exchange. EDIT: AUDITION DATE 1 IS NOW FULL. THE SECOND DATE IS MONDAY 30TH APRIL, AND IT WILL BE HELD AT 7PM AT THE GRAIN BARGE

Set in the suburbs of a city built around a large generator which continuously produces a loud drone, The Constant Drone follows the lives of a group of people who are afraid of silence. As volume of The Drone diminishes they struggle to come to terms with the burning world around them, and the oncoming silence.
A philosophical musing on the nature of time, waiting and apocalypse, The Constant Drone explores power and its distribution, distortion and distraction. Whether it’s an electric toothbrush, a Spanish soap opera on the radio or the sound of the sea, each has their escape from the oncoming silence. But whether they can escape their situation is seemingly out of their control.

Hector: Young, afraid of silence, but very proud of all the useful information he has learnt from books.

Lee: Young, afraid of silence, motivated by money and its use in bringing him closer to The Generator.

She: Young, girlfriend of Lee, her opinion is unknown.

Dominic: Young, an advocate of silence, wishes to find a way to encourage people towards an appreciation of silence.

Barry: Young, afraid of silence, furious about the lack of noise in his frequency, determined to do something about it.

Sophie: Eternal, attempting to warn the others of the dangers of their behaviour.

We are looking for actors to perform in this first time production. Acting experience is useful but certainly not necessary; we are looking for creativity, dedication and an open attitude. We want this production to be a collaborative process, so are for looking for performers who want to engage with and challenge the text. This is a great opportunity to gain experience of working in a collaborative environment, and developing a character out of an existing text.

Anyone is welcome to audition for any part. You also don’t have to have a part in mind when auditioning.

The audition will consist of an hour’s group work followed by ten minute individual slots. Please prepare a short (no more than five minutes) piece of speech, this can be anything of your choosing, be it from a play, film, book, poem or any other medium you feel represents you! This doesn’t have to be learnt off by heart, we are looking for expression over precision.

A rehearsal schedule will be worked out in accordance with the availability of the eventual cast. We are hoping to perform in September/October. Rehearsals will be every other week to begin with, becoming more regular as we work towards the performance. We will be rehearsing in Bristol.

If you want to audition, or for more information please email You will be sent a short piece of dialogue for each of the characters, one of which you may be asked to read in your individual slot.


Old Market Exchange


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Opportunity title: Auditions- Darkplace Productions Presents: The Constant Drone
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