Bath Fringe 2018: start here

First call-outs for Bath Fringe 2018

Mission Theatre call-out:
The Fringe 2018 process has already started over at The Mission Theatre, the first of our venues to start their application process. See this page, and remember, as it points out, that last year they filled up pretty quickly. One of Bath’s handful of dedicated theatre venues, very close to the city centre and public transport hubs, the Mission is a bijou little number and well worth considering.

Theatre Bath Bus:
This year there will be a full-on weekend of activity on the Theatre Bath Bus, a run-through for their intended visit to Edinburgh Fringe later in the summer. Initial details are here.

The Rondo:

We’ve heard from The Rondo and they will be booking for that period starting in January. We’ll post more details about how to apply when we have them, or sign up with us for info now.

Other venues call-out:

Some other venues are easier (Old Theatre Royal, for example, just EMail [email protected]), and some venues (Chapel Arts, for one) will already be taking bookings now. When we have more detail about those two venues and any others we’ll post the info here and on

Fringe Submission Processes:

The Fringe itself will be putting out its own main call and accompanying information in December, with an Open Meeting in January, and its around that time that our online registration process will begin: but if you want to be sure of getting it all on time, mail Wendy at the office now – also please do that if you’re applying to any of the venues listed above – we’re not concerned about maybe getting information twice, we just want to be sure we get it at all… Our venues list has not yet been updated for 2018 (though the old one can be downloaded from our website) – also in need of updating but accurate enough in outline are our guides to putting on an event and being a Fringe venue

If you’re contemplating putting a show into Fringe 2018 or in contact with any of the venues we’ve mentioned above (whether or not you end up using one) please also be in contact with Wendy at the office – [email protected] – unless you’re sure you’re on her list already.



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