Cardboard Citizens: Rainbow of Desires 1

Cost: from £100.00 to £420.00

Organiser: Cardboard Citizens

A three day masterclass introduction to Augusto Boal’s theatre and therapy.

Rainbow of Desires is the over-arching name given by Augusto Boal to a range of exercises, games and techniques on using the power of theatre to identify, analyse and respond to “internalised oppression” and to seek to understand its origins. Our world respected short course offers an introduction to a way of understanding ourselves in the world which may help open some doors and remove some blocks.

These three days will be led by Cardboard Citizens’ Artistic Director Adrian Jackson to give participants an understanding of Rainbow of Desire techniques, their relation to Augusto Boal’s other tools such as Forum Theatre, and their practical applications, from the operation of a therapeutic group to the rehearsal of a play.

Who is it for?

Those already familiar with Forum Theatre will find it a fascinating further set of theatrical tools; people new to the work will be amazed at the possibilities. You don’t need to be an actor to enjoy this work but actors will enjoy it too…

In this introductory module of Rainbow of Desires, we will look at two or three of the following techniques:

  • The Circle of Masks and Rituals: Exploring the masks we don for different areas of our lives
  • Image/Counter-Image: Using the filter of storytelling to investigate how we show and see moments of oppression
  • The Analytical Image: Working from subjectivised distortions of an improvised replaying of a difficult moment
  • The Rainbow of Desires: Identifying and clarifying our desires through the use of images
  • The Cop in the Head: Inhibiting or directing voices in our consciousness that limit our possibilities

7 to 9 December 2018 from 10am-6pm

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Cardboard Citizens 77A Greenfield Road Whitechapel, London E1 1EJ



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