CASTING CALL – Looking to cast TWO MALES and ONE FEMALE for final year short film

Production title: Another Story
Project length: 8-10 minutes
Genre: heartfelt comedy

Audition location: Bath Spa University – Newton Park
Shooting location: Bath
Compensation: None (travel costs can be covered and food/drink will be provided on set) – happy to offer help with editing showreels etc.

Another Story follows Joe; a struggling single father with the best of intentions. When he realises that he’ll be late to pick up his daughter Susie from school once again, he sets out to collect her but encounters every possible obstacle on the way. While Susie waits, she writes a story about her father going on a mission to “rescue the princess”. Elements from the real world and the fantastical imagination of Susie begin to blend into one as Susie’s story influences her father’s journey.



Joe – leading role (male 25 -35)

Joe is a young single father who is desperately trying to keep his busy life in check. A slightly disorganised and clumsy individual who prioritises his daughter over everything else. His girlfriend/wife is out of the picture so he routinely struggles to juggle his work-life and his relationship with his daughter.

Younger actors are free to apply as long as they can pass for older.


Frank (small role) (male 20-40)

Frank is a standard day-drunk who tends to look for a fight. A tough character who has more brawn than brains. In the fairytale world he becomes an intimidating cowboy, intent on causing trouble for Joe.

A slightly more rugged look is preferred for this role (stubble/beard) however it is not required.


Jessica (small role) (female 20-35)

Jessica is a friendly and easy-going punk-rock bartender who works in a local pub. She is currently somewhat interested in Joe; a semi-regular customer at her place of work. Jessica often has to deal with tricky patrons, especially the often violent Frank, but this constant trouble makes her quite passive when problems arise.




Contact Details

Becky Bates

Opportunity title: CASTING CALL – Looking to cast TWO MALES and ONE FEMALE for final year short film
Expiry Date: 2019-02-27T00:00:00+00:00