Casting Call: ‘The Big Knife’ By Clifford Odets

Organiser: Zahid

We are currently putting together a production of ‘The Big Knife’ By Clifford Odets.

Pay: Currently profit share, but we will apply for arts council funding.

Location: Bristol (Theatre tbc)

Rehearsals: Central Bristol


The play The Big Knife written by Clifford Odets and directed by Robert Aldrich is mainly revolved around the character Charlie Castle. Charlie is presented to the audience as a successful Hollywood actor living an admirable person, though his life begins to falter when he is in the dilemma of his wife leaving him and having to refuse the renewing of his seven acting year contract, which makes his boss furious. In order to make Charlie renew the contract, Stanley Hoff, the boss, and his right-hand man Smiley coy a plan to blackmail Charlie using a hit-and-run accident that he had some time back (Dixon, 1993). Charlie is tortured by the desire to retain his wife who has already been proposed to by Hank Teagle and the need to be free. Eventually, he signs the contract because the blackmail is too persuasive. While in this trouble, he gets into a fling with his friend’s wife. To protect this from getting out, Hoff and Smiley permanently silence Dixie Evans. Having lost the woman he loved and betraying a friend in addition to losing his dignity, Charlie commits suicide.

Please read play and state character when applying for an audition.

Once we have a production team together along with a cast, we will apply for funding, so right now it is a profit share job.




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Zahid Fayyaz
[email protected]

Opportunity title: Casting Call: ‘The Big Knife’ By Clifford Odets
Expiry Date: 2018-11-10T00:00:00+00:00