Creative performers & collaborators wanted for short video docu-series!

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Hi everyone, my name’s Molly. I’m directing and producing a series of short-form, intimate and experimental documentaries called ‘Play by Play, to be developed and released this year.

The series, also a platform of a kind, will feature small and episodic works that create and encapsulate conversation around chosen themes and ideas. At present it’s a low to zero budget project, and I draw my inspiration from guerilla and kino film-making approaches, as well as process art and the experimental soul.

I’m currently looking for creative performers and collaborators for the first video in the series, entitled ‘Eco Poetic’.

It centres around current climate dialogue, more specifically what people are feeling in response to this turning point in our collective story, and how people explore and express their relationship to nature, the earth, to Gaia. I’m not directly involved with Extinction Rebellion, or any other specific climate campaign, but I do care passionately about nature and our relationship with the world beyond our human experience and I recognize that the conversations now being had about the planetary ecosystem are not only immediately crucial, but also an epochal concern. I have wanted to create a project like this for a number of years, but somehow other projects both of the artistic and the general every day kind have been at the front of my mind, impeding clarity and space. I would like to embark on this project now, and am looking for people as passionate as I about the subject to work with.

I’m looking for a number of people to participate, by featuring in the documentary sharing their heartfelt experiences of connection with the more-than-human world.

I hope to be able to capture moments of truth, vulnerability, courage, inspiration and the nuance and poetry of the day to day living with awareness of the situation. There are a number of ways you can participate:

  • Submit a monologue, spoken word piece, poem or song to perform that encapsulates the theme. Artistic, premeditated response.
  • Speak openly and freely, with us exploring the theme in a recorded interview/conversation session. Raw, heartfelt, spontaneous response.

What I hope to create is a patterned film/video piece featuring lots of different people. Among my key sources of inspiration has been David Lynch’s (Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive) beautiful ‘Interview Project’, check it out here:

Speaking as somebody who is also a practitioner of humanistic healing processes I assure you that very effort is made to generate the project within a space that’s ethically awake, supportive, light and energizing and while I can’t currently offer money, I’m happy to discuss an exchange of skills, and I can certainly buy you coffee & cake. This project may begin as a zero/low budget venture, but I hope it’ll expand and go on to deepening development.

I work extremely hard to ensure I can sustain my projects, and I’m planning to hire us a fantastic space to work in as well as up to date equipment. So, rest assured, this is about as grassroots as it gets! The good thing is there’s a freedom, a malleability, a living process and a natural, clean, essential state that can all arise from this which I hope you will enjoy as much as I will.

This is very much a project of the heart and soul, and depending on how things go I will develop an expanded project from it, as well as submitting it to arts events like film, video, multi-media and performance festivals.

If you’re interested please get in touch, I would love to hear from you.

Please check out my website for more about my practice and work:

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Opportunity title: Creative performers & collaborators wanted for short video docu-series!
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