Photographer (Ballet/Dance)

Job Title:      Photographer (Ballet/Dance)

When:          To begin January 2018

Days:           Flexible – to align with rehearsals and performances

Time:           Flexible

Other:          Voluntary Position – expenses and other requirements negotiated

ROLE:   To include the following….

  • Keen and enthusiastic about working with dance
  • Loves to capture movement on/off stage
  • Likes experimenting and trying different things
  • Minimal photographic staged studio shots (dancer profiles, publicity, audition shots)
  • Majority of work during live rehearsal and performance
  • Rehearsal studio work (not staged photographs)
  • Prepared to capture mood, feeling, drama and interactions
  • Photographs to be taken side-stage during performances
  • Photographs taken backstage and other locations
  • Photographs capturing dancers and creatives at work, play, relaxing, resting, creating and doing ordinary stuff
  • Knowledgeable about classical ballet technique and what is balletically and aesthetically pleasing – or willing to learn
  • Someone who really gets on with people
  • Someone who loves being part of everything – not a distant expert
  • Must be able to work ‘around’ the intricacies of dance and to not delay or stop the flow of a rehearsal or production
  • To allow unrestricted (negotiated) use of their photographic material

For further information check out our websites…



Dance Artists

“Creative Artists – Collaborating to bring to life a spark of Inspiration that longs to be Created”

A team of creative artists including students, emerging, experienced and amateur enthusiasts in technical theatre, visual art (photography and film), wardrobe and costuming, arts marketing and audience development; and digital/social media buffs – all collaborating to bring full-length and one-act traditional classical ballets as well as new and original ballet-theatre to the stage in live performances in Bristol and the local region, South Wales, and London.

West Coast Ballet Theatre

“Classical Ballet – Performed with love, heartfelt passion and a soulful spirit”

The material (people) upon which Dance Artists creates its work. The dancers are all paying members who gain essential vocational experience dancing and learning to be an artist. WCBT is an organisation for honing the art of performance in an environment reflective of the vocation of a ballet-dancer.

Both ‘Dance Artists’ and ‘West Coast Ballet Theatre’ are cultural organisations not operated for profit and who employ no permanent or contracted paid staff. We do our work with financial loans, grants, funding, sponsorship and membership fees.



Please write to us via email, including the following information…

  • Basic details about you
  • Tell us why you would like to take on this role
  • Tell us what it is about dance that you admire and why
  • What you feel your strengths are and how they might contribute to our work
  • Why you would like to be a member of this team
  • What you might find most challenging about taking on the role
  • What you think you would gain the most in the role
  • What do you think you could bring to the team
  • What experiences with dance (live theatre) you may already have, or what you have done that may have prepared you
  • What you feel about the philosophy of Dance Artists and West Coast Ballet Theatre
  • Your contact details and any other information

You can include a CV if you want to, but this is not necessary.  Applications should be sent to: 



There are no formal interviews being held. We’ll meet up for an informal coffee and chat to talk about your work, our work, how or if we can work together and whatever else is relevant and comes up for discussion. We’ll take it from there.





Contact Details

Caron Yardley

07504 209861

Opportunity title: Photographer (Ballet/Dance)
Expiry Date: 2018-01-31T17:00:00+01:00