Voluntary Placements for Student, Emerging, Experienced and Amateur Creative Artists

Ages:              Open

Dates:             From January 2018

Applications:  Ongoing

Organisation: Dance Artists 

About the Placements

‘Dance Artists’ has been set up as a non-profit and variously funded organisation to bring together people who love working with, on and for dance – specifically ballet-theatre. This includes  Technical Theatre artists, Marketing and Social Media artists, Ballet Staff,  and Visual Artists (photographer and film maker).

We are offering interested artists the opportunity to join us and become a member of the team, in your specialism, as voluntary work. A ‘set’ budget is included for some areas of work, to cover certain expenses and/or limited funds for payment of services.

How long you decide to remain a team member is your choice – you can stay for one project or be a permanent team member for as long as you like (or join individual projects as you choose to do so).

During any given project (or as a permanent team member) you will work closely towards honing your work in an environment reflective of a small to medium ballet company. You will have chances to develop your own work, extend your creativity, and put your own ideas to the test in the production of full-length and one-act traditional classical ballet repertoire and new original ballet-theatre works that are fresh, exciting and ‘different’ in the way they are produced. Productions will be presented in Bristol with the aim of securing single dates in the regional area and London.

About ‘Dance Artists’

‘Dance Artists’ is the brainchild of Choreographic Artist and Writer Caron Yardley, who passionately supports the idea of providing relevant and useful opportunities for creative artists – be they a student, emerging, experienced or amateur – to be engaged in ‘real’ work that will develop, hone and expand their talents. Work that will provide material and evidence for people’s portfolios and showreels, advance or change their career direction, or simply just feed their innate creative desires and passions.

Dance Artists thus aims to bring all sorts of creatives together to work as a team in producing ballet-theatre on the dancers of ‘West Coast Ballet Theatre’ both in Bristol and beyond. Dance Artists Mission is “Creative Artists – Collaborating to bring to Life a spark of Inspiration that longs to be Created”

About West Coast Ballet Theatre

‘West Coast Ballet Theatre’ has also been set up by Caron Yardley to be the material on which she and Dance Artists will create their productions of exciting, new and different ballet-theatre infused with love and a deep feeling of spirituality. The dancers all pay a membership fee to enable WCBT to be self-funding, and is also made up of volunteers as well as supported by the professional Ballet Staff of Dance Artists. As with Dance Artists, WCBT provides the dancers the with the opportunity to hone their art and performance skills in an environment reflective of the vocation of a ballet-dancer. WCBT’s Mission is “Classical Ballet – performed with love, heartfelt passion and a Soulful Spirit”

What’s on Offer

Opportunities are on offer for experience in…

  • Visual Artists (Photographer, Film Maker)
  • Ballet Staff (Assistant to the Artistic Director/Ballet Mistress or Master, Assistant Ballet Teaching Staff)
  • Technical Theatre (Technical Director/Designer, Sound Technician, Musician/Composer, Stage Manager, Technical Stage Crew, Set Making, Set Design)
  • Publicity, Digital Media and Promotions People (Publicity and Marketing lead, Theatre Programs & Booklets designer, Digital Media Champion)
  • Wardrobe and Costume (Wardrobe Production, Costume Design, Embellishment and Sequining, Headwear, Sewers, Dressers, Wardrobe Team)

As a team member you’ll get…

  • Experience in your field of expertise
  • Opportunity to to develop ‘your own’ portfolio or showreel of evidence of work
  • Be engaged in ‘real’ work (not school work)
  • See ‘your’ work in a live production, up and happening
  • Work exclusively in the area of the arts you most desire to work in and/or get specific experience in
  • Gain full credit for your work – on our websites, theatre programs and in social and digital media
  • Gain regular and valuable exposure in social media

You’ll also be supporting both Dance Artists and WCBT with the social inclusion work they aspire to offer as the groups develop, such as…

  • Relaxed Performances
  • Seniors Performances
  • Children’s Productions
  • Performances in Hospitals (and other places)
  • Education Program Activities

What We Are Looking For

Committed people at any stage or their creative careers, who have a drive and passion for creating beautiful, exciting, fresh, vibrant and ‘different’ new ballet-theatre art; together with an interest and desire towards bringing love, spirit, soul and passion into their work and that of Dance Artists & WCBT.

We encourage any application from anyone – regardless of their background.

We understand that taking the first steps on a creative professional or amateur pathway can be daunting and very challenging, as well as exciting – so we welcome applications from ‘anyone’ who might not otherwise find an opportunity to gain the relative work experience and to develop their creative practice.

We are looking for team members with a genuine interest in  working with dance (particularly ballet-theatre), who have a new and different perspective to theatre production and who love the idea of live performance art that focuses on narratives that help us to love better, get in touch with our soul, and which has an esoteric powerful spiritual element.

How to Apply

Write to us via email, including the following information…

  • Basic details about you
  • Tell us about your creativity – what area of specialism you want to work with us in.
  • If there are any particular artists or productions, effects or anything else theatrical you admire
  • Why you would like to be a team member
  • What you feel your strengths are, and how they might contribute to our productions and philosophy
  • What you might find most challenging about taking part in Dance Artists|West Coast Ballet Theatre projects
  • What you think you’ll gain the most from being a team member
  • What things will help you the most with your own creativity
  • In which ways might being a team member of Dance Artists help you with your career
  • What you think you could bring to the team
  • Let us know about some of the work you’ve already done (photos’ film, websites, cv, links, anything)
  • What you feel about our philosophy
  • Your contact information
  • You can include a CV if you want to, but this is not really necessary

Applications should be emailed to


There are going to be no formal interviews. Instead we’ll arrange to meet up with people individually for a chat to talk about your work, our work, if and how we can work together – and whatever else is relevant. Then we’ll take it from there…

Where Projects will be Taking Place

The productions will be brought together in Bristol (location as yet undetermined). We’re flexible with hours! Performances will begin in Bristol with the goal of some single dates in nearby regions, South Wales and London (all to be confirmed)

You can find out more about Dance Artists and the roles available at  www.danceartists.net







Contact Details

Caron Yardley

07504 209861

Opportunity title: Voluntary Placements for Student, Emerging, Experienced and Amateur Creative Artists
Expiry Date: 2018-01-31T17:00:00+01:00