Eris – Short Film

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We are five filmmakers looking to cast for our new science fiction short film ‘Eris’. 
The brief synopsis is as follows;

Set in the near future, before getting Euthanised, Eris is given a new drug that allows him to relive and experience his most treasured and emotive memories. During the process of this film we are taken on this journey with Eris, only for the ending to reveal it is all just one big advert / promotional video for Cognitive Industries commercialising a new technology for a peaceful death.

The film is covered in symbolism and touches on currently relevant themes such as Euthanasia and commercialism. 

We are extremely passionate about this idea and equally passionate about casting it right, here is a link to some of our previous work and attached is a casting criteria for our characters. 

Character Descriptions:

Eris – Lead Role

Age – Early 30’s plus.

Eyes – Light eyes are preferable.

Skin Complexion – Olive skin.

Hair – Dark hair.


Anne – Supporting role, yet a crucial one.

Age – Early 30’s plus.



Age – 40’s Plus

Description – Ideally Black or dark hair and olive skinned.


If anyone is interested please get back to us as soon as possible and we can send along the script and further information. 


Visit Bath (90 Second Promotional Advert) –

A Part of Us (Short 3 minute fiction film) –

Cotty (2 Minute Documentary) –


Multiple locations around the Bath / Bristol area.


Bristol & Bath

Contact Details

Max Bigg
[email protected]

Opportunity title: Eris – Short Film
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