Exciting acting roles at Boomtown

Cost: Festival ticket wroth £240 (Sold out!)

Organiser: Emily Trott

Have you ever wanted to be a part of Boomtown’s crazy-mad, immersive theatre performance? Now is your chance. With Boomtown pioneering the way for immersive theatre on a mass scale, we are looking for actors who are confident and experienced in interactive theatre. You must be available to work on the following dates:


12th June 17.30-20.30 (Initial meeting / brief / ideas)

19th June 17.30-20.30 (Ideas / rehearsal)

10th July 17.30-20.30 (Rehearsal)

17th July 17.30-20.30 (Rehearsal)

28th July 12.00-16.00 (Tech rehearsal)


Thursday 9th August – Arrival onsite. Team meeting at 15:00, first test performance 16:00-18:00

Friday 10th August 11:00-12:00 check-in and costumes. 12:00-18:00 performance (1 hour break)

Saturday 11th August 11:00-12:00 check-in and costumes. 12:00-18:00 performance (1 hour break)

Sunday 12th August 11:00-12:00 check-in and costumes. 12:00-16:00 (30 min break)


The Boomtown story:

Every year the story of Boomtown and it’s citizens advances and evolves, shaped by the interactions between the actors and the punters. Boomtown’s micro-venues host an ‘immersive maze’, in which the punters become characters of the story and choose how they will react, respond and define what happens next. They can visit all the micro-venues on the immersive maze and complete their mission, or they might just choose to complete small missions. It is up to the punters how involved they choose to become.

(2018) Chapter Ten of the Boomtown chronicles finds a world changed far from the dream of Nicolas Boom, a grand city where once only a small village stood, a world of bright lights and dizzying heights, where distraction is the main attraction and the people are divided by the passage of time.

The mighty Bang Hai Corporation has cemented its grip on all aspects of society and commerce in the wake of the failed uprising of Chapter 8 and the people are being divided and conquered by the invasive hyper connected charm of new technology, distracting them with an endless barrage of manufactured dreams.

The only challenge to this digital autocracy comes from an unknown Hacker cell that breached security systems to data mine the dirt on Bang Hai operatives and their murky investments. But in a world of distraction and fake news even the truth it seems can easily be denied, and its purveyors dismissed as criminals and enemies.

In the wake of this so-called threat, BHI have developed a new security system that will track and process the movements, wants and desires of every citizen almost before they know themselves. Advanced Machine Intelligence (A.M.I.) promises to protect the interests of everyone and once activated cannot be stopped, the beauty of this system of course is that the people volunteer this information freely, through their subscription to social media platforms, free offers, purchase histories and search algorithms.

The CEO of BHI sat as a king atop the Bang Hai Towers watching as this digital empire spread like a virus across the population, knowing that with all the resources within his control no one could challenge the corporation’s supremacy.

Until his head of security spotted an old face stumbling through the crowds, a ghost in the machine, a nemesis thought long banished and forgotten.

The final battle approaches as the future of the city and its people hangs in the balance, both outcomes offer freedom and liberty, just of slightly different kinds! The freedom to be – vs. – the freedom to buy. Who will be the winners or losers in the next era of our history? Who will rise and who shall fall, as those before them have come and gone? Only you can decide, to change the future and turn the tide.

For all previous chapters and theatrical trailers please see the Boomtown website here: https://www.boomtownfair.co.uk/the-story/


Our micro-venue: Behind Bars

We are Boomtown’s prison cell and interrogation room. Our prisoners are former employees of Bang-Hai Industries (BHI), locked up for hacking the system and revealing the dark, disturbing secrets of BHI’s CEO.


There are two parts to our set;

Phone booths – This is where punters can speak to the prisoners and find out more about what they have been locked down for. If the prisoners feel the punter is a trust-worthy candidate they will share valuable information about Bang-Hai Industries and Boomtown’s latest technology, AMI (Advanced Machine Intelligence). The punter is invited to continue on a quest to complete the big mission.


The interrogation room– This year we are expanding our set to include an interrogation room. BHI detectives will be arresting members of the public who are suspected of aiding the hackers in any way. The detectives will do whatever it takes to get information, even if they force a false confession. They want to catch the people on the maze and stop them, or worse recruit them to work for Bang Hai Industries.


The roles:

BHI detective – This will be an exciting and intense role. Be prepared for a lot of ad-lib, puns and silly back-chat. Your role will be quite energetic and may involve chasing people to arrest them, bringing them into the set and staging an interrogation. There will be two BHI detectives in the cell at the same time, along with one member of the public. Interactions will last around 5 to 10 mins and will be viewed by other members of the public through a perspex window. Once an interrogation has run it’s course and you let your subject go, you will be back outside paroling along the front of the set, listening to conversations and finding the next person to interrogate.


Prisoner – As a prisoner you will be speaking to members of the public on an intercom / phone system. Not everyone who comes to speak to you will be part of the immersive trail but you will always remain in character and try to get people to start the game. A lot of silly chat will be had so you need to have the gift of the gab! It will be your job to help those who have started the game by feeding them more information and directing them to the next venue.


Both roles will have backstories, phrases and loose scripts which we will develop as a team together with the Boomtown theatrical crew. The most important thing is for you to feel confident in your ability to improvise and immerse yourself in the Boomtown ‘world’. This is an extremely fun role and is guaranteed a lot of laughs. If you think you have what it takes, we’d love to hear from you!

Contact Emily with your actor’s CV, show reel and a bit about you.

Deadline 5th June 13:00


Boomtown Fair - Matterley Estate near Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 1HW.



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