Filmmaking Course – A Virtual course for Young Filmmakers

Cost: Pay what you can.

Organiser: Youth Cinema

Age range 14 – 26 years

No experience necessary

Start date March 30th. Ongoing rolling entry.

Students will meet weekly in small groups with teacher Jack Price on Google Hangouts and work up to the production of a film of their own.

They will learn to develop their writing, pre-production, photography, sound, editing and post-production skills through a course designed to deliver a film for each participant.

Students will have scheduled tasks which they will work towards completing weekly. They will upload scripts, plans, current footage and rough cuts for feedback. The course will run for a minimum of three months and the films made will be shown online and sent to broadcasters during the coronavirus pandemic.

A screening event, where participants will meet in person will take place when the crisis is over.

Due to the virtual nature of the course, it will suit self-starters and artistic explorers. Any type of film can be made, the choice is entirely up to the student. From documentary to drama, from computer to drawn animation to abstract art films. All films will be made under the government’s restrictions. Restrictions are good for making films. Less is often more.

A smartphone, the internet and a computer is what you need for this course.

Course costs:

Pay what you can afford per calendar month.

Suggested fees £88 + per month for someone in work, down to zero if you have no income and no idea when you will get some.

No-one will be turned away due to hardship

Experience Level – Beginner to Advanced

All films must be made under the governments pandemic rules. If students do not follow government guidance in the making of films, they will be asked to leave the course.

No selection process will apply, but students will need to show a commitment to completing their project to stay on the course.

Timings to be confirmed

email [email protected] to express interest.

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Opportunity title: Filmmaking Course – A Virtual course for Young Filmmakers
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