Freelance Producer for ‘Queen C*nt – Sacred or Profane?’

Cost: N/a

Organiser: Deborah Ward

We are looking for a dedicated, experienced or emergent creative producer for Queen Cunt – Sacred or Profane?.
It will be helpful if you are a feminist, of any gender and interested in radical work.
Queen Cunt-Sacred or Profane? is an absurd comedy sketch show that takes the audience on a hilarious ride through the wild waters of womanhood.

Interspersed with plenty of audience interaction, the show is a “cunt-temporary Vagina Monologues, dripping with dark humour.” (Review, Weston Super Mum)

The show debuted and sold out at The Wardrobe in September.

The show is booked at Camden People’s Theatre, Exeter Bike Shed & The Cube in Jan/Feb/March.
The role is for a freelance producer, to take on a total of 7 days (or 14 half days) work, over several weeks from Jan 3rd to March 1st:
  • To market the shows at the three venues (2 performances at each)
  • To liaise with venues
  • To invite press & reviewers
  • To ensure the show is listed on relevant online listing sites
  • To contribute to the social media presence of the show
  • To invite potential venues for future programming
The show is awaiting a decision from Arts Council England as to whether the next phase will be funded. If funding is granted the fee will be £110/day
If funding is not granted, the offer is of 15% of the box office takings (which is on a 60/40 split with each venue) this would offer the producer up to £450.
We note this is less than equity rates, and so in this scenario, should be considered a stipend.
To Note: This role is likely to lead to further work as they have bookings at The Wardrobe Theatre in July, The Under Belly, Ed Fringe in August, as well as various festival and venue applications pending response.

Selected interviews will be held on 4th Jan. Start date 5th Jan.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Hamilton House


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Deborah Ward


Comedy, feminism, theatre
Opportunity title: Freelance Producer for ‘Queen C*nt – Sacred or Profane?’
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