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Jack Price Company    “Fragments”


Workshop Castings + Show

Over the next month I am running casting workshops and building a theatre company.

Our first show will be “Fragments”.

The first two workshop casting sessions will be on;

Sunday March 17th & March 24th in the Event Space from 14:00-16:00.

@ Hamilton House, Bristol, 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3QY

These will be open to anyone I have taught acting. You can book in on the link below:


The third workshop session will be on;

Sunday March 31st in the Event Space from 14:00-16:00 @ Hamilton House, Bristol, 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3QY. This session will be open to all performers 16yrs +

Booking here:

March 31st



The workshops will explore some of the improvisation techniques I will work with on “Fragments”. If you have studied with me you may have been taught these.

“Fragments” witnesses behaviour at the end of civilization.

The show is an experiment in bringing cinematic levels of truth to theatrical encounters with small audiences.


Why Workshop Castings?

I have found workshop castings stressful as an actor, because they can create a sense of competition.  For this project my aim is to expose actors to an audience while working, so I can see them operate under pressure. This work can be hard and working in front of a group is required.


Why Former Students Castings?

I teach very specific techniques which can allow actors to work in new ways. Students who have studied with me may be able to grasp what I want to achieve faster than those who have not. This, of course, might not be the case, hence an open casting.


The work will be profit-share.


Why is it Profit Share?

We are engaged in Arts Council applications on another project at the moment. Rather than wait for permission we are making work now.


Show dates will run on weekends from May 11 for four consecutive Saturdays. The company will work in front of audiences at Hamilton House, Bristol and other venues TBC.


Tickets for shows are available here.




If you have any questions please email

[email protected]kprice.co.uk




Hamilton House



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