Casting South West based actors: Let Me Show You (a fairytale about plastic)

Organiser: Constructive Interference

Casting Breakdown


Let Me Show You by Peter Norgate

Presented by Constructive Interference and Exeter Phoenix

Director Lavinia Hollands

Character Breakdown:

We are looking to cast Let Me Show You

Julia:Julia is a 13 year old, but quite ‘young’ for 13. She is smart, curious and quirky. She is energetic and will throw herself passionately into issues that she believes in. She has quite a lot to learn and is very impulsive. FEMALE / 20’s

Meor:Meor is a 13 year old. He spends most of his time fishing on the beach with his Dad. He is more responsible and wiser than his age. He cares deeply about people and animals and is very honest and loyal. Meor understands the complexities of the world already. MALE/ 20’S

Tiger:Tigress is shy and volatile. She is an apparition of a tiger that died at the hands of human negligence. She has a large presence and moves slowly. She seeks revenge and is actively looking for a target. Ultimately, she is kindhearted, but has been in the darkness too long and has been taken over by it.  FEMALE/ 30’s or 40’s

Salmon:The Salmon is young, the equivalent age in human years as Julia; 13years old. He is clever, quick and quirky. He learns, adapts and moves quickly. He is caring and empathetic about other creatures but also knows enough to look out for himself. He loves music. MALE/ 20’s

Turtle:The Turtle is the oldest and life has taken its toll on her. She is in a constant state of grief and regret and can’t seem to stop blaming herself for eating and suffocating to death on a plastic bag. She moves slowly and repeats the same actions over and over again. She is stuck in a cycle but she is loving and protective like a Mother – particularly to the young. FEMALE/ 40’s

*We are looking for a local, diverse cast with from various different backgrounds, ages and abilities.   

Please apply with your Spotlight link and/or CV


Please note before applying:

– Performers need to have a South West base – rehearsals will be in Exeter.

– Funding is currently being sought for the project, but if our bid is unsuccessful this will be a profit share production where you will be given £50 for expenses.

– You must have professional experience and/or have been to drama school, preferably experience in physical theatre or movement.

-Lavinia will be running two sessions on the Yat Method/Movement Psychology, so there will be plenty of opportunity to learn new ways of creating character.

– The theme of the work is death and single use plastic waste. It will help to have an interest in the issues.


Friday 10th May (evening) read through of the play

Saturday 11th May physical theatre workshop/Yat Method introduction workshop

Monday 13th– Friday 17thMay Rehearsals Exeter Phoenix 10am-6pm

Monday 20th– Friday 24thMay Rehearsals Exeter Phoenix 10am-6pm

25thMay Performances (Matinee and Evening) Phoenix Theatre

31stMay Performance Cygnet Theatre (to be confirmed)



Time: Tuesday 16th April 4-6pm 

Location: Exeter (tab) 

You will need to come prepared for physical work, in comfortable clothing. We will be in touch with more information. 



Exeter Phoenix



Opportunity title: Casting South West based actors: Let Me Show You (a fairytale about plastic)
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