Library of People

Cost: Free

Organiser: GATHER UP


The Library of People is a collection of peers and professionals from different fields, whose expertise and intelligence local dance artists can access in one-to-one meetings.

Would you like to talk through the development of a project? Need an outside eye in the studio? Have some specific challenges or questions in a specific area of your practice? Need support with an application? Looking for advice of new contacts and opportunities for your work?

Our library of people are available to book for a one-to-one meeting for 1-4hrs to support your work.


Take a look at what areas they can offer support in below! Then email us with who you would like to meet with and why:

Please note:

  • Library of People is FREE to access
  • This service is only available to artists working with contemporary dance practices and choreography in Bristol at the moment
  • Each artist can access up to 4hrs max. of one-to-one meeting time




Laura Dannequin is a dance artist/maker whose work manifests across performance, installation and print. She has dedicated much of her practice to performing and collaborating with a range of choreographers and performance makers in the UK and across Europe. She is associate director at Still House, was a recipient of a Leverhulme scholarship in 2017/18, and she is currently studying Body-Mind Centering through SOMA (France) and EMA(UK).

What I can offer:

Laura works as an assistant/dramaturge/outside eye/choreographic consultant/sound-board with a growing number of artists; she was Artist Support Associate at Theatre Bristol in 2016-2017, offering a wide range of support to fellow artists including through the fundraising process to supporting/guiding the creative process.

She hopes to continue to use and share those skills as part of the Library of People.



Katie is Executive Producer of Production Studio, Kaleider. She has worked in arts/cultural management and producing for over 20 years. Before Kaleider, Katie was Co-Director of Theatre Bristol. She has also worked as a freelance producer & consultant, a creative producer for Theatre Bristol, General Manager of national and international touring company Volcano Theatre Company and Special Projects Officer at the British Council, Arts, managing the British Council Showcase in Edinburgh and organising tours by leading UK companies to South East Asia and the Middle East. Katie is also Chair of Puppet Place.

What I’d like to offer:

Strategic planning, business models, partnership working (in arts and culture and beyond).

Producing, national and international touring.

In short: plotting to find the resource you need



Jess Mccormack is a practitioner researcher working across dance, theatre and performance. Her research on choreographic processes incorporates practice-as-research and critical theory. Her current interests include choreographic practices in verbatim dance-theatre, community dance practices, sited performance and adaptation, translation and cultural transferences. She works in the
Department of Theatre at the University of Bristol, UK.

What I can offer:

Being a critical friend, sounding-board, signposting to people/organisations, performance making, performance with and for young people, applied performance.


KN headshot.jpg


Producing dance performance and participatory projects under the ReStaged moniker, Katy Noakes is an arts professional of over twenty years’ standing. An independent producer and project manager, Katy works with organisations and artists and specialises in creating, developing, facilitating and producing dance works with engagement at their heart. Valuing inclusivity and audience development, Katy creates pathways and productions that build bridges between dance genres and audiences, re-positoning dance in unusual places to new audiences.

Coming from a background in arts development, marketing and journalism Katy can advise on:

Project development

Bid development

Small / mid scale touring

Working with communities

Work in the public realm

Building creative teams

Developing partnerships


The ambition is for the Library of People to grow into a goodly group of people whose collective wide-ranging experience and interests are a resource that those working in dance in Bristol can easily access. 

In order to test how this will work, we begin with four people in our Library and will increase the collection over the course of the project.




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