Lighting person needed for easton community panto

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Organiser: Easton Community Panto

Easton Community Panto is an everyone is welcome kind of show, performing in February half term (21st to 23rd Feb). Rehearsals are well underway with a great cast of all ages but we are still short of someone to do the lighting for the show. Do you have the skills to help out on this community production? If so, please get in touch.

There is budget for hiring lighting, but we will need to rig it and work out the set up. All Hallows’ Hall where the show is performing has some basic cans, but currently no board to operate them from etc.

We need someone to meet up to discuss, visit the venue, then hire the kit, set it up, plan the lighting, run queues at the technical and dress rehearsals, and operate the lighting on all 4 performances. If you could do all or any of these (I.e. could be a team), contact me on [email protected]


All Hallows Hall, Easton



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Anna Bryher
[email protected]


panto, stage lighting
Opportunity title: Lighting person needed for easton community panto
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