Living with Demons – Developing a Site-Specific Experience Performance.

Cost: Food and Agreed Expenses

Organiser: Matthew Emeny

Living with Demons – Developing a Site-Specific Experience Performance.

Call for actors, dancers, Director, Writer and Designer to collaborate within a new company model.

Theatre Maker and Producer, Matthew Emeny is looking for collaborators to join him along with other performers and designers to a six day R an D event taking place in Bath. The week will explore a new site-specific piece that will move into a full professional production in October 2019. The purpose of the week is to discover how the idea of a ‘theatre take over’ could be developed. Transforming already known spaces and arts venues into redesigned, unrecognisable theatrical events. The theme of this project will be to develop a new play that hangs within the horror and thriller genera, creating a suitable piece for the Halloween market. Matthew will be the lead deviser and writer on the project, but is wanting to build new collaborations with directors, writers and performers who are wishing to work in a similar style and build a new ensemble.
Please note, this is not creating a Scare maze or similar Horror Experience events. The main Focus is narrative and storytelling.
The outcome of the week Is to allow the company to understand the budget and operation logistics that are needed to create a site-specific piece of this nature. Along with creating content and script ideas for the show. There will be a small sharing of 20 minutes to an industry audience, followed by a discussion. The project will build the foundations of Matthew’s new company, Calf2Cow and all working members will be invited to join the ensemble and work professionally on fully funded productions.
This project is part of Matthews Major work for his MA in Creative Producing at Bath Spa University. Therefore, budgets are low and only expenses can be covered. Matthew understands the economic restrictions that this creates and invites people to still apply only if they can attend one day of the R and D. This is a project for artists to meet and work together in an unformal environment, so if you have some spare time and are interested in developing a new piece of work, please do apply. Those who are still training are also encouraged to apply.

Please Email Matthew for further details and questions:

Project details:
• Dates: 27th August – 1st September
• Location: Bath Burdalls Yard
• 20 minuet performance on 1st September ( Wine will be provided!)
• Exploring a theatre take over model
• Creating a new show suitable for the thriller and horror market. Think The Shinning meets PunchDrunk.
• Food will be provided along with an agreed amount of expenses.
Who we are looking for:
• Set and Costume designers
• Writers and Directors
• Actors
• Dancers
• Living With Demons will explore the psychological state of a couple living in a squat. One has experienced unimaginable horrors during an Aid mission abroad. One is too scared to leave the building. Both trigger something dark within the other. Both are hopeless. In Love and wanting to survive. There own mind is there biggest Demon.
• The production will explore themes of PTSD and Agoraphobia.
• The production will be developing methods of how to transform a performance hub in to an unrecognisable location.

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Opportunity title: Living with Demons – Developing a Site-Specific Experience Performance.
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